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Truth in Love

Sermon2: Sermon3: Testimony: End-Time Signs (recent): Brice Taylor Story: The Hillary Movie: Jeff Fenholt (Black Sabbath) Testimony: Jess LaVey Testimony: Musics Subconscious Power (ThugExposed): Saturn Symbolism 101: MATRIX Reality Exposed: Roger Morneau Testimony: Theosophy 101: The Beatles and the Aquarian... (more)

in between worlds
It could be the start of a new adventure or a continuation of an adventure started years ago. The prospect of setting foot to that distant little island again shakes up the settled serpents from within. A throw in on a gamble that seem to be going viral is unleashing palpitations and cold sweats. But the deal is being weighed on. What the hell am I getting myself into? "I cast this spell, pray do tell, smooth sails and fair tales clear up the road from my abode, That what ever fear that may come near be turned to flowers and great powers and I shall be protected and be granted access to the lands of golden and Eden."

Love wast
you just drift along.”
One crucial difference is how billionaires bring up their kids. “The children of the supremely wealthy often have lots of issues, because they’ve never had to struggle — and struggle makes us strong,” Mezrich wrote. “Struggle is the human condition, the key to evolution, the reason we adapt. If you don’t have to struggle, you don’t really have to get smart or strong, you just drift along.” Assumptions may be a billionaire’s biggest problem as people will “presume that you can readily tap your vast wealth to address any problem,” wrote Phillip Remaker Remaker wrote: “There is also an assumption that a large amount of money is an infinite amount of money, so you will always be criticised for not spending enough on something to solve some problem.” Wealth attracts legions of people it becomes difficult to discern who your real friends are, he added. Paul Sullivan thought that having pots of money would make staying married a big challenge. “Marriage for... (more)

Latest Technology
data unit wins "emea security specialist"
at the barracuda networks partner s...

Christophe Strauven, sales manager at Data Unit, accepted the award from Wieland Alge, Vice president of Barracuda Networks EMEA. "We are honored to receive this award from Barracuda Networks as it reflects our deep commitment to provide security solutions to our customers" said Christophe Strauven. "Pursuing technology expertise with our partners is a prerequisite for us to help our customers to get scalable and flexible network and security solutions," reported Joris Meylaers, the General Manager of Data Unit. Data Unit, a Cofely-Fabricom GDF-Suez company, delivers Barracuda networks solutions to customers across organizations in Benelux, reflecting the need for secure and simplified solutions. It also provides customers with specialist support services, which offers customers 24/7 support and managed services. Barracuda's security portfolio is extensive, and their worldwide support teams are excellent with solutions from Next... (more)

Harus Ku Akui

Ya Alloh ... dalam doa ku Aku pernah meminta pertemukanlah aku Dengan seseorang yang dulu aku kenal begitu baik Ku yakin mungkin sudah ga ada di kota ini Kini keinginanku terkabul ... namun Kenapa harus seperti ini ... ??? Aku mengenalnya lewat jiwa ... bukan lewat mata Aku menjadikannya impian lewat hati Ku tak tau seperti apa aku dalam pandangannya ..... Selayak apa aku dalam kehidupannya Tapi yang ku tau ...meski dengan keterbatasanku, berbalut kekuranganku Aku menulis namanya dihatiku sejak awal kita bertemu Dan takkan pernah terganti ... apalagi terhapus Aku tersakiti oleh lamanya waktu yang memisahkanku dengan mu Jujur ... setiap waktu yang kulewati tanpamu maka harus kulewati dengan air mata Terkadang cinta mampu membuatku membenci diri sendiri ketika ingin melupakan seseorang yang pernah menyayangiku Kadang ada saat dimana aku harus menghadapi semua dengan sendiri Meski hati... (more)

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